O U R  S E R V I C E S

The solutions we develop reflect best and proven blockchain and cloud-based product development practices from around the world. We are not a slave to the blockchain but it is at the core of all we do.


We have our own unique and proven development practices and techniques that compile best to fit technologies that meet your operational and business objectives.  


Our suite of services ensures that when your solution is built, tested, and ready to launch, you have a solid commercial and operational foundation on which to operate and grow. 


Pick and choose services that remove barriers to profit, growth, or the creation of new revenue streams:


  1. Blockchain Development

  2. E-commerce Development

  3. Hosting Provisioning on Cloud Platforms

  4. Website Development (SaaS)

  5. Mobile App Development (iOS/Android)

  6. Technical Consulting

  7. Commercialization Blueprint Strategy

  8. Security and Malware Prevention

  9. Internet-of-Things Development (IoT)

  10. Initial Coin Offerings and Security Token Offerings


O U R  P R O C E S S

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P H A S E  1 -  D I S C O V E R 

Define the problem.

P H A S E  2 -  B U I L D

Create your solution MVP and build the foundation to launch and operate your solution.

P H A S E  3 -  G R O W

Delight customers, achieve revenue targets, drive user adoption, and grow your business.

P H A S E  4 -  S C A L E

Achieve a repeatable, scalable business model and get ready for global success!


A B O U T  Y O U


Technology-based solutions will most certainly require change agent or entrepreneurial behavior... or both. This comes naturally to us but how about you.


We’ve discovered that new revenue stream evangelists possess these qualities :


Does this sound like you and you have a great idea?
We want to hear about it!
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C U R R E N T   P R O J E C T S

  1. EatDrinkLocal.com.au

  2. Consult Australia

  1. TransportAR NSW

  2. Social Butterfly

  3. Allure Smart  Mirror

  4. KOMPOUND.app

  5. QualifAI

  1. RPMG Telemetry

  2. RevenueTek


C O M M E R C I A L  T E R M S

We work with clients to find the right balance of cost and risk for our partnerships.




100 Harris Street, PYRMONT NSW 2009

Tel: +61 418 802 997



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