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Blockchain Cryptocurrency Application Development

Hire our professional software development team to help design and develop cryptocurrency-based blockchain applications.

Build cryptocurrency wallets for your tokens or coins.

Develop smart contracts and issue new ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-721, ERC-777, ERC-820, and ERC-1404 tokens.

Use the blockchain to track events on the public ledger such as point-to-point delivery and logistics.

Integrate third-party cryptocurrency exchange API's into your applications or websites. 

Build and deploy cryptocurrency exchanges using real-time data feeds.

Tokenise assets such as real estate or precious metals and use the blockchain to issue tokens to investors.


Cryptocurrency Wallets

We will help you develop a cryptocurrency wallet based on the cryptocurrency coin you wish to issue using Hyperledger and other blockchain technologies.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We can help you develop a responsive cryptocurrency exchange including API integrations that allows your users to deposit, withdraw, and trade using a PC or mobile device.

Supply Chain and Logistics Monitoring

We help your logistics business implement blockchain to help monitor and track package movements and delivery events in real-time.

Delivery Man

Asset Tokenisation

Want to sell a share of a property asset or precious metals by the gram?

Let us help you tokenise your assets so you can sell shares or tokens to prospective investors.

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Filling Prescription

Medical Data on the Blockchain

Protect your patient's medical data by using the blockchain to anonymise the sharing of personally identifiable information to comply with HIPAA.


Identity Verification

Secure your user's login credentials by implementing blockchain ID protection. Passwords are stored on a user's device and are fully encrypted using cryptography.

Blockchan Application Development

Blockchain Application Development Process

In a Meeting

Step 1.

Blockchain Strategy Workshop

In order for our team to understand your development requirements, we must meet with you to discuss your business and learn what your goals and objectives are. This workshop will set the foundation for drafting a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) in order to capture and detail the proposed use case for your blockchain application. 

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Step 2.

Validate Requirements and Sign Contract

Once our team has gathered and validated your requirements, we begin drafting the scope of work (SOW) and Software Requirements Specification (SRS) documents that will provide our development team the understanding and clarity they need to develop the blockchain application. Once confirmed, we will send a contract for sign off and begin the development phase.

Programming Console

Step 3.

Blockchain Development

Let the coding begin!

Our development team will begin the process of building your blockchain application according to the validated requirements and will test, deploy and implement the solution according to the technical requirements.

The blockchain development stages include:​​

  1. Research and development

  2. Smart contract issuance and configuration

  3. Front-end

  4. Back-end

  5. Database

  6. Server and hosting configuration

  7. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  8. LIVE Deployment on the blockchain

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