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SaaS Website & E-commerce Store Development

Hire our professional software development team to help you design and develop your website or E-commerce online store.

Customized front-end and back-end Software-as-a-Service websites for businesses including custom theme development for online stores.

Integrate third-party API services and provide your users with additional data services.

40+ Senior software engineers are available to work on projects of any size and scale.

Rest assured that our team works with the latest modern technologies and programming frameworks.

Support services available for maintaining and upgrading new and existing products and services.


We build custom SaaS Website Applications using the MERN Stack.

Online Shopping

Our preferred platform for designing, building, and deploying e-commerce online stores is Shopify.


Our development team builds custom themes and add-on extensions for any business purpose. 

Complete installation and payment gateway integration.

Website Development

Website/E-commerce Design and Development Process 

In a Meeting

Step 1.

Development Requirements Workshop

In order for our team to understand your development requirements, we must meet with you to discuss your business and learn what your goals and objectives are. This workshop will set the foundation for drafting of a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) in order to capture and detail the proposed architecture and plan for your project. If you have a design ready you would be required to provide it to us. If not, then we can provide a professional UI/UX Design service.


Click here to learn more about UI/UX Design

Image by Sebastian Herrmann

Step 2.

Validate Requirements and Sign Contract

Once our team has gathered and validated your requirements, we begin drafting the scope of work (SOW) and Software Requirement Specification (SRS) documents that will provide our development team the understanding and clarity they need. Once our team has gathered and confirmed your design requirements, we begin wireframing your screens based on your project brief. The number of wireframes depends on the complexity, size of the project and the device types we are designing for.

Mobile App Design

Step 3.

UI/UX Prototype Design (Optional)

This is where the magic happens!

Our design team will now go ahead and implement your style guide and begin designing the User Interface (UI) screens for your product including colour scheme and branding. Depending on the level of detail and functional requirement our team will deliver a "working prototype" demonstration of the real end-user product. This process ensures that you are happy with the design before building it. By prototyping your website you can save time and money making changes.

Programming Console

Step 4.

Custom Development

Let the coding begin!

Our development team will begin the process of building your website or online store including implementing colour schemes and UI/UX brand kit.


For online stores, we will create your product catalogue and configure all the settings including setting up payment gateways, shipping modules, resizing graphics for responsive mobile optimisation, API integrations, and customisation of any plugin or theme if required.

The development stages include:

  1. Back-end 

  2. Front-end

  3. Database

  4. Server/hosting setup and configuration

  5. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  6. LIVE Deployment

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