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UI/UX Prototype Software Design

Hire our professional UI/UX software design team to help you wireframe and prototype your website or mobile application idea.

Reduce time to market and development costs by prototyping before development.

Improve the quality of your product on the first round of development.

Eliminate misunderstandings and miscommunications during the development process.

Improve your chances of raising capital with a visual prototype demonstration of your product.


We use AdobeXD to design wireframes.


We use ProtoPie to build a functional prototype.

UI/UX Design Process

UI/UX Design Process

In a Meeting

Step 1.

Design Requirements Workshop

In order for our team to understand your design requirements we must meet with you to discuss your idea and tease out the functions and design elements that your project needs. This includes brand identity, functional specifications and style guide.


Step 2.


Once our team has gathered and confirmed your design requirements, we begin wireframing your screens based on your project brief. The amount of wireframes will depend on the complexity, size of the project and the device type we are designing for.

Mobile App Design

Step 3.

UI/UX Prototype Design

This is where the magic happens!

Our design team will now go ahead and implement your style guide and begin designing the User Interface (UI) screens for your product including colour scheme and branding. Depending on the level of detail and functional requirement our team will deliver a "working prototype" demonstration of the real end-user product. This process ensures that you are happy with the design before building it. By prototyping you can save time and money making changes.

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