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Mobile Application Development for iOS & Android

Hire our professional software development team to help you design and develop mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Design and build custom mobile apps for deployment on Apple Appstore and Google Play.

Reach millions of users globally on all iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices.

40+ Senior software engineers are available to work on projects of any size and scale.

Rest assured that our team works with the latest modern technologies and programming frameworks.

Support services available for maintaining and upgrading mobile apps for reliability and security.

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We recommend and develop cross-platform mobile apps using the REACT Native framework for scalability, security, and reliability.

*React Native is great for mobile apps. It provides a slick, smooth, and responsive user interface, while significantly reducing load time. It's also much faster and cheaper to build apps in React Native as opposed to building native ones, without the need to compromise on quality and functionality.

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We configure and deploy your mobile apps on both the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

We provide regular maintenance and updates to ensure that your app is running smoothly and is compatible with the latest device operating system releases.

In-App Purchases

We can help you plan and implement in-app purchases into your mobile apps so you can earn revenue from your products and services.

*In-app purchases attract a commission fee.


  • Apple charges 30% commission

  • Google charges 30% for the first year and then reduces it to 15% thereafter.


API Integrations

We can integrate third-party API services into your mobile apps to help deliver your user's data from other vendors.

API Integration Examples:

  • Financial data from banks and exchanges

  • Weather data

  • Social media 

  • Payment gateways

  • Shipping and delivery

  • User authentication

  • Background checks

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Website Development

Mobile App Development Process 

In a Meeting

Step 1.

Development Requirements Workshop

In order for our team to understand your development requirements, we must meet with you to discuss your business and learn what your goals and objectives are. This workshop will set the foundation for drafting of a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) in order to capture and detail the proposed architecture and plan for your project. If you have a design ready you would be required to provide it to us. If not, then we can provide a professional UI/UX Design service.


Click here to learn more about UI/UX Design

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Step 2.

Validate Requirements and Sign Contract

Once our team has gathered and validated your requirements, we begin drafting the scope of work (SOW) and Software Requirements Specification (SRS) documents that will provide our development team the understanding and clarity they need to develop. We then begin wireframing your screens based on your project brief. The number of wireframes will depend on the complexity, size of the project, and the device type we are designing for. Once confirmed, we will sign off and begin work.

Mobile App Design

Step 3.

UI/UX Prototype Design

This is where the magic happens!

Our design team will now go ahead and implement your style guide and begin designing the User Interface (UI) screens for your product including colour scheme and branding. Depending on the level of detail and functional requirement our team will deliver a "working prototype" demonstration of the real end-user product. This process ensures that you are happy with the design before building it. By prototyping your mobile application you can save time and money making changes.

Programming Console

Step 4.


Let the coding begin!

Our development team will begin the process of building your mobile application including implementing colour scheme and branding. Depending on whether you have decided on developing native applications or cross-platform will determine the time and cost to build your app. 

The development stages include:

  1. Back-end 

  2. Front-end

  3. Database

  4. Server/hosting setup and configuration

  5. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  6. LIVE Deployment on Apple AppStore and Google Play


  1. You must purchase a developer license from Apple ($149/year) and Google Play ($25 one-time) before you can submit and deploy your apps.

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