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Learn more about how working with us can remove all barriers to making sales so you can start earning straight away.

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Work with us and earn income from our vetted client projects.

Remote Working

What's in it for you?

By working with us as a qualified contractor you have an opportunity to earn income from our vetted client projects we bring on.

Each of our projects are "Qualified Leads" meaning, you will not need to manage the client relationships and only be required to perform the tasks required for the job.

Project Types


We are a global Wix Agency Partner and also Wix Velo certified.


Our team work around the world to generate leads for Wix website projects providing our clients services in design, e-commerce and custom development solutions.

Meeting Between Colleagues
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Ready to Join Us?

We hope the benefits are clear and we really look forward to working with you!

To get started simply register an account and after we do some checks you will get access to our client project portal and can apply for jobs and start earning straight away!

  • How can I register?
    To register as a contractor with us, simply visit our registration page and fill our your details and we will receive your application to join.
  • Is there any criteria for joining the network?
    Yes, we pride ourselves on providing our clients high quality work and promise to deliver on time and on budget. This means that we manually process and approve all our applications so that we can provide our clients high quality work that is delivered on time. in order to ensure you qualify to join our network, please make sure you complete the registration form as best as you can so we can assess your ability and skillset and get you approved to join us as soon as possible.
  • Who can join as a member
    We are looking for skilled website designers that have experience working on the Wix platform. As we are a global agency partner and are Wix Velo certified we must adhere to the policies Wix mandates. Therefore, if you are an individual freelancer or a company looking for more work on the Wix platform then please register and join us.
  • Why Wix?
    We choose Wix because it is a very powerful platform that is easy to use and affordable for our clients. Working with Wix provides endless prossibilities and can elevate your business and skills to the next level if you work hard enough.
  • Why work with us?
    Good question! With a very skilled and strong sales team behind us we can't keep up with the amount of leads we generate. Therfore, we are growing our contractor network to offload some of the workload from our in-house design and development teams. The main benefit working with us is that you won't need to worry about generating leads, qualifying deals or managing client relationships because you can leave that to us. We want you to focus on delivering amazing work so you don't have the stress of handling client relationships, billing issues and other tedious administrative tasks. Let us SELL more so YOU can EARN more!
  • What kind of budgets can I expect working on these projects?
    Every project is different, but depending on the complexities around design and functionality will determine the budgets available for the projects.
  • How much can I earn?
    How much you earn depends on how many projects you can handle and how many projects are available to work on. At this stage of our business, we strongly believe in putting our partners first so we will always provide you a reasonable and fair budget to work with. If for whatever reason the scope changes mid-way through the project we will increase the budget accordingly based on the new tasks required. You can expect to earn between a few hundred dollars up to thousands per project.
  • How and when do I get paid?
    Every project will have an upfront deposit and a payment on completion of the work. In order to make payments internationally and cross-border seamless, we have partnered with Wise international transfers (formally known as Transferwise). With Wise, we can eliminate the high fees and transaction time it takes to send and receive international payments and we encourage all our members to register a Wise account so we can send payments instantly.
  • If I need some help, What do I do?"
    We want to make sure all our partners feel they are supported by our team. If for whatever reason you need to reach out to us and ask some questions or need some advice, we are here for you every step of the way. That's our promise to our amazing member network! Simply, navigate to the projects page on the site and fill out the support form available and one of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as we can. You can also email us directly at:
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